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here be Dragons of a mofte monstrous size
stay away, for you are crunchy and taste quite good with syrup

Title: J'ai Mal au Coeur
Rating: T
Pairing: YuuRam
Summary: Yuuri deals with his life, his guilt, and his ghost. Sequel to Une Belle Journée.
Warnings: violence, unexpected ending, horror, homosexual relationships, angst, drama, suicide

( J'ai Mal au Coeur )

P.S. Because it seems as though not everybody understood how to comment: the comment button is labeled "saunter vaguely downwards".

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It be mah birthday today. :D

But no writing inspiration, so...bleh. D: 

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Okay, currently this is what I have transcribed to FF.N as of right now (6:08 P.M. Central Time USA), via printscreen. Rest assured that no editing was done, seeing as I have no PhotoShop nor any idea of how to use it. Further updates (and more frequent ones, I might add) as well as FAQ for both this and AIIKSTUKO and archive inventories can be found at FanFiction.Net, under the My Forums link of my profile page. The number of days is out of sixty days, and dictates how long ago I visited; the smaller the number, the more recently I've edited the story.
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Title: Streetlights
Author: Kokura
Rating: Teen
Warnings: light slash, hints of incest, May-December relationships, This Odd Life Universe (AU)
Pairings: In chronological order: hints of LuciusxDraco, (if you squint) SeverusxDraco, HarryxDraco, and Voldemort/Tom RiddlexDraco
Summary: The streetlights are always the same.
Prompted by this



I hate LJ and its evil formatting.

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Tom/Lord VoldemortxDracoNon-AU. Modeled on and extended from a wonderful, wonderful ficcy by Ginzai, found here or on my favorites page, with her permission. Thank you so much! The story of Tom Riddle and his puzzlings over life, death, leadership of the world, and that irritatingly fascinating Malfoy boy. VERY MUCH NC-17. Lemons, limes, possible BDSM, dubious consent, powerplays, backstabbing, and all that jazz.

A/N: I loooooove you, Ginzai! ...and you too, ReRe. Even if you did go make me post on the Archive From Hell, which, now that I mention it, ALL OF YOU SHOULD VISIT. It's at community(dot)livejournal(dot)com(slash)AIIKSTUKO.

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As the few of you who bother reading these updates may or may not know, I am currently working on a mass of projects, the most pressing being the continuation of the brilliant story by Ginzai, Énigmes: Nox, a Voldemort/Tom RiddlexDraco Malfoy story where Draco is characterized the way I like him best; NOT as a snivelling, whimpering weakling. After that comes J'ai Mal au Coeur (original), then J'ai Mal au Coeur REmix: La Fleur de Mon Coeur, then JMaCRm: Cendrillon, etc. I'd Do Anything For You is at a temporary halt, because I forgot to write down my inspiration for chapitre five, and have -cough- forgotten it. Sorry. However, any and all of my readers are welcome to tell me where they think the story is/was going, either by commenting here or by e-mailing me at Kokura_Tendershipping@yahoo.com. As for Bits and Pieces, well, I have a third story lined up that I've already got more than half of written, but as BaP is really a filler and writer's-block destroyer, there's really no point in trying to complete it when I don't have writer's block.

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This is the first of what is going to become a very lengthy list of fic recs. This time?


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Sooooooooo...for those of you who actually read these little update things, I have important news. The AIIKSTUKO archive, comprised of Arethea, Ilei, Ilandere, Sasyra, Tainiya, Urami, Koryu, Oki, and my fiction, both original and fan, has been moved to LiveJournal. It is, at present, rather bare, but I have already posted a few things there that are NOT on here, and a few things will follow that will not be on either LJ or Fanfiction.Net. Visit us and comment at community.livejournal.com/AIIKSTUKO. Also, if any of you know Arethea from FF.N, her original fiction is here as well, at Azranthea.livejournal.com. She is my baby sister, and I want you to visit. NOW. It's good stuff.

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Title: I'd Do Anything For You
Author: Kokura
Editors: Arethea and Koryu
Summary: Wolfram would do anything, anything at all for Yuuri to even glance his way...even give up one of the few things that truly belongs to him; his pride. Angst, genderswitch, OOCness, Depressed!Wolfie, Female!Wolfie, Clueless!Yuuri, Lemons, SMEXY!Maou!Yuuri. 

                                                                        First Three Chapters 

Chapter One: An Argument and a Vendor )

Chapter Two: Decision

Chapter Three: Acceptance)

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Sooo, I'm going to temporarily postpone some things, because I'm doing THIS challenge: http://animimares.livejournal.com/81375.html. Yeah. So...IDAFY is DEFINITELY postponed. Kinda.

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