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AN UPDATE (hahaha yeah right, I wish) - here be Dragons of a mofte monstrous size
stay away, for you are crunchy and taste quite good with syrup
AN UPDATE (hahaha yeah right, I wish)
You know, I was looking through my stuff and rereading my review archive (a.k.a. my inbox - I need constant reassurance of worth, and nothing does that quite so well as a solid screen of [FF Review Alert]) and I realized that, so far as I can see for my most recent posted fandoms (KKM and HP) there's an inverse relationship between how much I like a story/how high-quality I think it is and how many reviews/hits/favorites/etc. it gets. I don't know if this is me being strange and stupid or if it should say something about my work (God, I hope not) or my opinions (...unfortunately, this is more probable), but iono. Opinions, anyone?

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ada_kensington From: ada_kensington Date: February 12th, 2009 10:24 am (UTC) (Link)
I've asked this one a lot myself on my LJ, lol. And yes, I've seen the inverse relationship between how much you like the story/how good you think it is, and the review count. I had a look at your profile and I think you're doing pretty damned well.

There are certain variables I've discovered (lol, listen to me, variables!) but one of the most important is which fandom you're writing for. KKM and HP are pretty big fandoms (HP the biggest - I know, I've written for it XD). The bigger the fandom, the more likely your fic is to get swamped and lost on the first page within ten minutes. There's nothing you can really do about that one, unfortunately.

Another one is that the story is really good - and it seems bad to say this, but I know it's true because I've felt it myself many a time - sometimes it's so good that the reader feels too awestruck or lost in the story moment to leave a review right away. So they fave or do something else. I get round this one by always sending a PM to say thanks for the fave, or something like that. Quite often, I get a reply saying, thanks for the message, I really liked your story, and end up getting a short review, lol!

So it's not a reflection on the quality of your work, or the work of others. And, again, I think you're doing really well. Getting fifty-three reviews for a one-shot in this day and age is fantastic! :D
kokura From: kokura Date: February 13th, 2009 04:32 am (UTC) (Link)
Oy vey, it's nice to know I'm not going crazy alone.

Ah, math. It brings back such...interesting memories - but I can understand what you're saying about variables.

Oh. I hadn't actually thought of that, but I can see that happening (takes me a little bit sometimes too). Unfortunately, author stats and (this is going to sound really weird, but...I got my younger sister to track all my stats a long time ago; she has all of this gradual increase stuff that I vaguely understand [my sister the statistician] and iono, it just seems like the fics I like more/higher quality/whatever just aren't as popular.

I know it is, and I'm not complaining about the amount of reviews I'm getting but uh...just the story that it's on? I don't know; the story in question was written what, two years ago? But in any case, it was a literally twenty minute story - including editing time, which in any case is usually short enough because of her really crowded schedule, and wasn't meant to be epic or amazing. Frankly, looking back at it makes me cringe a little, lol. And it is undoubtably the most popular of my stories. -__-;; Eh. C'est la vie, I guess? Thanks for your insight though - it really helped.
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