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Ficdate: J'ai Mal au Coeur - REmixes - here be Dragons of a mofte monstrous size
stay away, for you are crunchy and taste quite good with syrup
Ficdate: J'ai Mal au Coeur - REmixes
You can't see me, but I am currently drowning in the depths of despair. I lied, my darlings, lied when I told you the tentative release dates. As for progress, I usually spend three or four hours on each REmix, typing a word like "the" or "A", staring at it blankly for an ten or twenty minutes, then deleting it and starting the cycle over again. I am pleased to tell you that I have successfully completed three paragraphs of La Fleur de Mon Coeur and six of L'Amour de Morte, which, you may or may not have heard, will be replacing LFdMC as the next release, as well as ten or twelve sentences of sundry others. 

As a few of you may know, my younger sister, editor, and dictatorial dominatrix slave-driver muse has placed me under a posting ban, to be lifted when I have completed at least one REmix, due to the fact that I have now become immersed by a suffocating blanket of Naruto plotbunnies, dastardly things that they are. I have hired a man from our local Animal Control, however, to round them up and store them elsewhere for the next few months, and he assures me that the problem should be taken care of in a few weeks, whereupon I shall be free to write all of the angsty, disturbing stuff I (and you, hopefully) desire. 

In the meantime, I offer you a choice, which - you guessed it - was first suggested to me by the Great Leader (ReRe). I can (1) give up on the JMaC series until I've successfully gotten rid of the wretched rabbits (by feeding them in hopes that they'll go away), (2) I can post one of several other KKM stories that I have completed or nearly finished and worry about pest problems and writer's block as they come, or, my personal favorite, (3) post snippets of each JMaC REmix at AIIKSTUKO under friendslock, where one person will be selected (by AIIKSTUKO personnel - may or may not be random) per week and allowed to read and critique the ongoing works through the use of the new mule account, expressly created by Azranthea Our Benevolent Leader for such a purpose, letting me reap the benefit of multiple muses and editors (YuXuan is leaving to be a counselor at CYC in a bit, and will be busy for the next few weeks), and hopefully giving people something to look forward to before they expire from exasperation go crazy and kill me for being such a lying liar. The first option should take on the outisde of two or three months (and six or more Naruto stories) and I (and you, I suppose?) will have to run the risk of immersing myself too deeply in the Naruto fandom. The second should see the first KKM story posted in a week or so, with no guarantee of when the JMaC series will be started again. The third will be effective immediately, and the first person chosen will be contacted by e-mail (if possible) or other means (if necessary). It's up to you.

Addendum: If any of you are interested in choice three and have not left your e-mail available elsewhere (easily accessible, please), leave your e-mail address in a comment. If none of them are selected, I will dawdle and idle my life away until the plot bunnies devour me for lack of food or YuXuan, Our Dictatorial, Great Leader I decide something else. For the sake of time, PLEASE HELP ME.

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