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IMPORTANT - here be Dragons of a mofte monstrous size
stay away, for you are crunchy and taste quite good with syrup

WHAT THIS MEANS AS REGARDING FIC, ETC.: absolutely nothing. i do not intend to lock any writing - unless otherwise noted - and i will still work on the seventy million plots that i've been meaning to get to

WHAT THIS MEANS AS REGARDING EVERYTHING ELSE: i will not read anything that has to do with dbsk's current situation. i will not read anything that has to do with dbsk's past. i will not watch, listen to, or otherwise have contact with anything that has to do with dbsk post-lawsuit, including music, music videos, and dramas/movies. i will not go on jaeho_detox. i will not go on hug. i will not go on jaeho_yongwonhi or any other site that has in any way information about dbsk. i will only read those things that have been looked over for and sent to me by my sister. i will not be contacting anyone who is likely to impart to me, for any reason, by any method, information or news about dbsk. i will not contact anyone period unless i need input on 1. something from another fandom or 2. an AU dbsk story. i will not be commenting unless on AU stories. i will not call, webcam, or chat. i will not be meeting with any of you who are in any way connected to dbsk unless the situation absolutely requires it.

please do not comment with any information about them. please do not message me about them. please do not link me to anything regarding them.

although i realize it sounds a little extreme, i have found that the only way i can at all write anything right now is if i completely ignore all the events that have happened during and after the lawsuit. i do not know when, if ever, i will be able to resume activity in these sectors.

if you call me and i don't answer (same with chat, etc.) don't be surprised~ or worried. i'm not dead; just stuck in a depressive, obsessive delusion for the necessity of completing arbitrarily undertaken tasks. :DD
rip out a heart