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24 March 2012 - fixed several links

14 February 2011 - added to 1000/1000 section, added ctami

26 December 2010 - added 1000 nights/1000 songs, godspeak series

28 November 2010 - added the DBSK section, but am too lazy to finish

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rip out a heart
SO. something i've noticed recently is that it is pretty much impossible for there to be any real pairing-related suspense in communities like jaeho_detox for fairly obvious reasons. unfortunately, that means that, in many cases, a giant facet of the story is missing; to be more specific, everything becomes less about what is going to happen and more about when, at least for me.
more importantly, by knowing who the foci of the story are [even if not explicitly stated in the summary or story itself], the range of possibilities becomes very limited, in that there is, for example, no question of story-Jaejoong wising up and leaving an abusive story-Yunho for someone else in the middle of a fic, which, personally, causes me to stop reading many, many posts in like communities because i already know how they're going to play out and that continuing will just get me really irritated with 1. how cliched and predictable everything is and/or 2. the absolutely ludicrous turns forced in the plot so that, despite everything, characters A and B stay together.
i can think of three different people who all posted stories with very similar reincarnation plotlines - and not "three hundred years ago, two people fell in love and died and have now been reincarnated", which, while also sort of annoying, can be pulled off, but "so things happened and character B died, but x [usually three, five, &c.] years later, character A meets someone just like B again, and it turns out that, factoring in ages, B's "reincarnation" had to have been born while the actual B was still alive, even though they are supposed to be the same person".
on the other hand, the very reason i am part of most of those communities is that i [only] really support the pairings in question, so when i try general communities, there is a sort of intrinsic feeling of wrongess that accompanies any pleasure that i take in the suspense or good writing or OHMYGODSOSATISFYING plotline that comes with the possibility of my OTP with anyone else :x i've seen and used quite a few different ways of overcoming this barrier, from supposedly-suspenseful-but-not-really love triangles to unnamed characters to just saying "fuck it all" and only writing pairing!times, but it can be incredibly complicated to write and still turn out like crap, so. it is time for stupid ideas :DDD
i have thus decided that, whenever love triangles/rectangles/polygons are needed involving, for example, A and B, each additional member of those polygons will also be A and B - that is, embodying different facets [which will be expanded upon], but still fundamentally the same character. they will not necessarily have the same names, of course - they may not be named at all - but enough clues of appearance and personality will be written in to give a fairly decent idea of who, exactly is who: thus, OTP sanctity can be preserved and romantic uncertainty is viable!

note: i am 76% joking, but also 90% sure that i will indeed being using this system in at least one story :D so if it seems like people are falling in love with the same person over and over again, there is a reason. hahaha. ha. ha.

god this can't turn out well.

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rip out a heart
I really hate how, after months and months of hoarding writing, just as I'm getting close to putting out an enormous torrent of updates, BAM something happens to my computer. Or the internet. Or my thumbdrive. It is 100% my fault, but that doesn't mean it doesn't piss me off.

...also I just realized that the first sentence kind of sounded like sex being interrupted right before orgasm - WHICH IS CLOSER TO THE TRUTH THAN IS STRICTLY COMFORTABLE.
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WHAT THIS MEANS AS REGARDING FIC, ETC.: absolutely nothing. i do not intend to lock any writing - unless otherwise noted - and i will still work on the seventy million plots that i've been meaning to get to

WHAT THIS MEANS AS REGARDING EVERYTHING ELSE: i will not read anything that has to do with dbsk's current situation. i will not read anything that has to do with dbsk's past. i will not watch, listen to, or otherwise have contact with anything that has to do with dbsk post-lawsuit, including music, music videos, and dramas/movies. i will not go on jaeho_detox. i will not go on hug. i will not go on jaeho_yongwonhi or any other site that has in any way information about dbsk. i will only read those things that have been looked over for and sent to me by my sister. i will not be contacting anyone who is likely to impart to me, for any reason, by any method, information or news about dbsk. i will not contact anyone period unless i need input on 1. something from another fandom or 2. an AU dbsk story. i will not be commenting unless on AU stories. i will not call, webcam, or chat. i will not be meeting with any of you who are in any way connected to dbsk unless the situation absolutely requires it.

please do not comment with any information about them. please do not message me about them. please do not link me to anything regarding them.

although i realize it sounds a little extreme, i have found that the only way i can at all write anything right now is if i completely ignore all the events that have happened during and after the lawsuit. i do not know when, if ever, i will be able to resume activity in these sectors.

if you call me and i don't answer (same with chat, etc.) don't be surprised~ or worried. i'm not dead; just stuck in a depressive, obsessive delusion for the necessity of completing arbitrarily undertaken tasks. :DD
rip out a heart
so I have decided to 1. make a masterlist, and 2. unlock all in-progress stories, but friendslock. I'm hoping that, this way, people who want to check up on my progress (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE BB) can see how far I've gotten on specific pieces (hint: use the "progress: incomplete" tag :D) but innocent passerby won't be forced to see the horrific, gory, shitfest that is my working process.

edit: after a long period of debate, I have decided to lock a couple of my more controversial stories. as in, those that could be misinterpreted as libel or something. thus, if you can't find it in the tags, don't worry. it's just an unimportant work of degenerate fiction written by a lunatic :DDDD
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You know, I was looking through my stuff and rereading my review archive (a.k.a. my inbox - I need constant reassurance of worth, and nothing does that quite so well as a solid screen of [FF Review Alert]) and I realized that, so far as I can see for my most recent posted fandoms (KKM and HP) there's an inverse relationship between how much I like a story/how high-quality I think it is and how many reviews/hits/favorites/etc. it gets. I don't know if this is me being strange and stupid or if it should say something about my work (God, I hope not) or my opinions (...unfortunately, this is more probable), but iono. Opinions, anyone?

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New banner from Are

in other news, my little sister has converted me to the DBSK fandom, so expect some definite fanworks soon. People from FF.N, (if, 1) you read this at all, and 2) you bother checking up on my update page in my forum) sorry I didn't do ficdate for December; my electricity was almost cut off. TT^TT  But I'm back and totally going to finish up on the sixty million story snippets on my laptop. Incidentally, I may or may not do the same thing as rain_streaked  and number them and just post them as is, seeing as some of the fandoms I no longer write for due to lack of inspiration. Also so that the people mailing me with questions about when I'll be posting (insert story title here) can see that I am too doing something. :P

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Some of you may have noticed that I am a horrible, horrible person and a big fat liar that can't meet deadlines to save my life basically abolished J'ai Mal au Coeur REmix: La Fleur de Mon Coeur from the list of JMaC deadline dates on my FanFiction.Net profile page and the next one due is L'Amour de Morte. This is due to a slavish love of procrastination unforeseen factors IRL, including - but not limited to - the recent hospitalisation of a close friend, problems with the planned expansion of AIIKSTUKO and the end-of-year booklet, and severe cases of writers block, one after another, for the past few months. Unfortunately, that means that, although the current tentative deadline for the next publication of a JMaC REmix is May 15, I will not be able to release La Fleur de Mon Coeur on the same day as I was planning, and there is a good chance that I will be unable to finish the next REmix in time for the deadline at all. I apologize for the delay, and I realize that it can be frustrating to have to wait for weeks and weeks after a promised deadline, but please bear with me. Again, I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your consideration.

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